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kowei's portfolio { 作品集 }

We’re all star lights, on our way home.

kowei,生於台北。畢業於實踐大學時尚與媒體設計研究所,圖文創作藝術家,著有《看不見的光》、《假面國的奇蹟》、《初戀童話 ~Toma & Choco~》、《尋找心裡的永恆陽光》與《插畫家的初心》。獲行政院新聞局選為優良讀物,入圍第36屆金鼎獎。曾與台北當代藝術館、台北捷運、VOGUE、CNN、日本觀光局等國內外單位合作。

526 製作《彩虹在房間》,透過文字和攝影分享彩虹族群的生命故事,希望喚醒同理心,使大眾了解生命的本質並無不同,每個人都有其喜悅、悲傷和夢想。現與父親、兩位朋友投入製作《千代の歌》,一同將阿婆生前留下的和歌(日文詩)搭配影像和音樂進行連載,希望實現阿婆成為作家的心願。

kowei (a.k.a. 526) was born in Taipei. He is an illustrator, writer, and photography lover. He has an MA from Shih Chien University's Graduate Institute of Fashion and Communications Design. His books have been selected for recommendation by Eslite Books and the Government Information Office. He was a nominee at the 36th Golden Tripod Awards. He ever designed an Installation art for Taipei Metro. In 2016, he was invited by Japan's Tourism Organization to travel across Tokyo and the Tohoku region, sharing what he saw through photography and text.

After struggling with his sexual orientation for years, he finally came out and was able to embrace himself and his LGBTQ+ community. Since 2017, he has helped others tell their stories. Through his writing and photography featured in publications like The Affairs, Vogue Taiwan, and Bedspread Zine from the U.K.. He helps other queer and trans folks be seen. He is currently working on a new project titled “Poetry of Chiyo”, based on waka (traditional Japanese poems) with his passed grandmother Chiyo, his dad, and two loving friends. (Contact)

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