早年以圖文工作者 kowei、大學講師身份活動。近年出櫃後,以另一拍照分身 526 製作《彩虹在房間》,從訪問彩虹之子的過程中,也重新認識了自己。

kowei is an illustrator, writer, speaker, and analog photography lover. His deepest belief is to always stay true to oneself. Inspired by chameleon, kowei is dedicated to creating artworks in diverse styles and forms. He has published 5 books, included illustrations, literary novel, comic, prose and photography. He also taught courses on creativity at Ming Chuan University's Department of Commercial Design.


After struggling with his sexual orientation for years, he finally came out as 526 and was able to embrace himself and his community. Through his writing and photography featured in publications like VOGUE Taiwan and Bedspread Zine from UK. He helps other queer and trans folks be seen.

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